Gould’s Jet Pump

Gould’s Jet PumpThe J5 is specifically designed for homes, farms, cottages, and booster services.  Its convertible design may be used on shallow or deep well applications using appropriate fittings.

This pump features a back pull-out design, two compartment motor for easy access to wiring, nozzle clean out plug in shallow well adapter, and is corrosion resistant..


  • Back pullout design for service without disturbing piping.
  • Two compartment motor for access to wiring and replaceable components.
  • Nozzle clean out plug in shallow well adapter.
  • Corrosion resistant, plastic tubing and fittings are easily removed for cleaning. Premium O-ring design fittings need only be hand tight to seal.

Convertible: May be used on shallow or deep well applications using appropriate Goulds Water Technology fittings

Corrosion Resistant: Electro-coat paint is baked on.

Protected Mechanical Seal: Diaphragm retains water in the casing to ensure the mechanical seal can never run dry.

Excellent Air Handling Ability: After initial priming the pump has the ability to re-prime itself.

Franklin Pump

Franklin PumpProblems with your water pump?

A private water well is one of the best sources of water for your home, but it may not be the best source of water pressure. Homes with conventional private wells often experience inadequate or low water pressure for many reasons: low well levels, increased water usage, home addition or a new irrigation system.

No matter what the cause, fluctuating water pressure and flow can disrupt the way your home works.

Whether you need to boost your water pressure, supply water to your household, or water your garden Franklin Electric has the right pumping system for the job.

  • With a Franklin Electric constant pressure system you can wash laundry, water the garden and run the shower all at the same time, without sputtering water and diminished flow.
  • Franklin Electric's submersible FPS Series offers innovative design options, such as Tri-Seal, high capacity, environmental and boosting pumps ideal for a variety of applications. Combined with the availability you need, these pumps improve efficiency and minimize wear, even when handling abrasives.