Bubble Up Aeration for Radon

The Bubble-Up® Interactive unit from R.E. Prescott Co., Inc. is designed to remove radon gas from water. Radon is a radioactive gas which can cause serious health problems. Inside the unit, air is blown into the incoming water and allowed to bubble upward. This bubbling action releases the radon from the water. Air containing the radon is then collected and vented out.


  • The Bubble-Up is smaller than your standard clothes washer
  • Saves valuable floor space
  • Uses half the space of other brands
  • Bubble-Up - 18" wide x 24" deep x 55" tall
  • Top mount blower
  • Quiet operation with extra insulated blower and submersible pump
  • Overflow relief valve
  • Run dry pump protection
  • 1" stainless steel by-pass valve for water in/out
  • Stainless steel valves
  • 2" Air connection out
  • Heavy duty poly tank within a tank
  • NSF approved polyglass
  • Nickel plated fittings (No lead or Brass)
  • 99+% radon removal

What is Radon?

Radon occurs naturally in the air both inside and outside your home. It is the concentration level present in your home that will determine if action should be taken to reduce the level to the EPA guidelines. Testing is the only way to accurately measure the radon level in the water and air. Radon testing is relatively inexpensive and can be done quickly.

A Citizen’s Guide to Radon