Stenner Booster Systems

Stenner Booster SystemsThe Pump Control Module is a time adjustable controller for use in proportional dosing for constant pressure well pumps and applications with varying flow rates requiring proportional injection such as applications in Water Conditioning.

The Classic Series Single Head Adjustable Pump is an ideal choice for treating problem water. The pump can inject water treatment solutions for pH control or to oxidize iron, hydrogen sulfide or manganese for removal by filtration.

The presence of hydrogen sulfide in home drinking water supplies is not a health hazard, but is a common nuisance contaminant whose distinctive "rotten egg" odor makes water treatment desirable.
Typically Activated Carbon is used to treat this issue in homes. During the treatment process, catalytic carbon first adsorbs sulfides onto the carbon surface. Then, in the presence of dissolved oxygen, it oxidizes the sulfides and converts them to non-objectionable compounds to remove sulfides through oxidation.

In some cases this unit isn’t enough to handle the odor and a booster pump may be used as an alternate addition.

Treatment with hydrogen peroxide has proven to be a convenient way to oxidize obnoxious sulfur compounds present in water.

  • Monitored Meter
  • Pump Control
  • Used with Carbon Units as a Hydrogen peroxide Injection